About Me

My name is Bukunmi Olubodun originally from West Africa but have called Australia home for quite a number of years now. I am married with two grown up covenant children.

I am a Minister of the gospel and have served and still serving in varying roles including teaching, preaching and small group ministries. I am passionate about marketplace ministry, sharing and encouraging one another with the word of God.

Through the journey of life experiences and the privilege of seeing God’s power manifested in wonderful ways in my working life, I have concluded that bringing his presence to bear in every single area of our lives, even our workplaces, is paramount to our overall growth.

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work in a number of places and countries over the period of my working life so far, and I have come to realise that God is my actual source. It’s him I need to look unto for promotions, for better relationships with co-workers or bosses etc – hence the great need for prayers right there at my workplace.